APS CropAtwell Primary Independent Public School offers a student centred education, focused on the present and developmental needs of the children.

The prime focus of the school is the intellectual development of the students and we are committed to the achievement of high academic standards, particularly in literacy and numeracy.

The promotion of positive self-esteem for all students in an important element in the school culture.

We are committed to provide a quality work environment for students and adults.

We work as a team, with all staff members contributing to the educational program of the school.

Learning programs incorporate Information Technology as a fundamental tool in the communication process.

Relationships between students, staff and parents are based on mutual respect and open communication.

We appreciate cultural differences and respect the individuality of all members of the school community.

We encourage each student to develop critical thinking and strong interpersonal skills for their participation in society.

All members of the school community are committed to the notion of ‘life long learning’.  Learning to learn effectively, is a matter of importance.

We offer a safe and friendly environment that is free of harassment and prejudice.

We value the importance of a positive school tone and the creation of an attractive and stimulating school environment.