Year 6 Parent Information 2018

Welcome to the new school year. We hope that your child has settled into their new class. Below is information that we hope you will find useful regarding the organisation of your child’s learning program this year.


We collaboratively plan integrated learning programs to enable all students to achieve appropriate outcomes at their developmental level. This term your child will be learning about various topics prepared from the Western Australian Curriculum. Some activities will be the same across all classes; however, some tasks may differ according to the needs and interests of students in a particular class, and also the strengths and preferred approaches of individual teachers. You can be assured that all students are working towards achievement of the same outcomes. We work together to design common assessment tasks to enable comparative evaluation of student achievement.


  • Home study is an important habit to develop and students should be encouraged to find a quiet place to complete any work. We encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Each teacher has their own routine regarding homework and your child will be made aware of what is expected in their class.
  • Students should read for at least 20 minutes each night. Please encourage your child to read regularly, as we get better at reading by reading! Students will be expected to complete a nightly entry in the Student Diary.
  • Students should practise their fortnightly spelling words each night. We strongly encourage students to log on to Spelling City ( to assist them.
  • We recommend students spend 20 minutes each night focusing on building their understanding of maths. To assist this students can access their Skoolbo account (
  • At times, students may have class work that needs to be finished off at home because it has not been completed in the given time.
  • If students are having difficulties with homework tasks, they need to approach their teacher before or after school and before the due date.

Parent-Teacher Communication

We all have an open door policy and we encourage parents to ‘pop in’ to discuss any issues regarding their child’s development or education. The best time to ‘catch’ us is between 8:15am – 8:30am and also 3:00 – 3:30pm weekdays, except Monday when we have a staff meeting. To discuss any formal issues, please arrange an appointment with your child’s teacher by email, telephone, sending a note with your child or writing a request in their student diary.  Any issues arising in class we will attempt to call you at home or send a note home with your child. We are happy to communicate with you via the student’s diary or email.

Behaviour Management

We believe in positive reinforcement and restorative practices and aim for each student to achieve his or her full potential. We set high standards and have high expectations of all students. Consequences for rule infringement and misbehaviour have been explained to all students and may include: Warning, Isolation within class, sent to Buddy Class within the Yr 6 classes, visit to Deputy Principal or Principal.

We encourage all students to show exemplary behaviour at all times in the classroom, playground and during assemblies.

Dress Standards

Upper Primary students are role models for younger students and set the standard for the school. We are vigilant in encouraging the Atwell Dress Code with regards to the wearing of school uniform and we believe it is important in building a cohesive team. Students not in school uniform will not be permitted on school excursions. Atwell PS has ‘Faction Friday’ which means on Friday only students can wear faction shirt , sport shorts and faction hat.

For safety reasons, we ask students to adopt a minimalist approach with regards to jewellery and accessories. Students are expected to wear laced up sport shoes and wear the Atwell PS bucket hat as part of the school uniform. Shoulder-length hair should be tied up at all times to prevent the spreading of head lice.

Work Standards

A high standard of presentation is expected of work completed in class and this should be carried over into homework or the work may need to be re-done. These standards include:

  • Date, title and name on all work
  • Margin or border included to allow room for comment
  • Any sources used in research tasks must be acknowledged
  • Red pen for underlining
  • Use a ruler for all lines
  • A sharp pencil for Maths and diagrams (No pen)
  • No White Out
  • An effort to produce neat and legible handwriting should be evident. Students should also be encouraged to join their letters as this improves their writing speed, in preparation for note taking and essay writing in secondary school
  • Use of technology (computer, digital camera, etc.) is also encouraged.
  • No crumpled, ripped or torn paper. If there has been an ‘accident’ or technological break down the night before please send a note along with your child or write in their diary.
  • Under no circumstances will ‘graffiti’ be accepted on work or on the covers of exercise books or pencil cases.
  • It would be preferred for all work books to be covered.

Could you please ensure that your child has all equipment on the Year 6 Booklist at school each day.


This year’s camp will be to Nanga Bush Camp near Dwellingup, focusing on team building, increasing self-esteem and outdoor adventure activities. The dates have been confirmed for Week 2 Term 2 May 8-11.  The cost of camp will be $460. This amount will include:

  • Accommodation for 4 days
  • Cooked meals every day
  • Adventure and environmental activities with professional instructors from Adventure Works
  • Bus travel to and from camp

A note will be sent home next week for you to confirm your child’s attendance at camp and the details for payment of the $60 deposit.

Graduation Dinner & Ceremony

The Graduation Dinner will be on Thursday, 29th November in the Atwell Primary School Mort Hall.

The Graduation Ceremony will take place on Thursday, 6th December also in the Mort Hall.

Astrid Cooling (LA 9), Seth Lansdown (LA 12), Peter Fleming (LA 10) and Jenny Robertson (LA 11),