Atwell Pre Primary 2017

Morning Routines:

The doors open at 8.30am every morning to give you the opportunity to work with your child on a table top activity. Your child may also like to take you for a walk around the classroom to share and celebrate your child’s learning. We do ask that children and siblings do not play in the activity areas (e.g. maths corner, role play area etc). At 8.45am the bell will ring to signal the commencement of our day. We will see you at 3pm!

Behaviour Management:

At Atwell we use a restorative behaviour management program to encourage children to follow the rules and then, if necessary, reflect on their actions. In addition to this we use 1, 2, 3 Magic which is a simple strategy used to encourage good behaviour.


Please remember to bring a piece of fruit each day for recess and this can be followed by a healthy snack.

Drinks and Healthy Lunches:

During the day we encourage the children to drink plenty of water. Please ensure your child brings a drink bottle, with their name clearly labelled, to school each day. A suitably sized lunch may include: 1 sandwich, 1 piece of fruit/yoghurt/muesli bar and 1 small treat.


This year Atwell Pre Primary has a number of children with severe allergies to nuts. Since we will be having lunch together, here are a few things that we ask you to consider.

~No Nutella or Peanut Butter sandwiches, no nuts in lunchboxes.

~No peanuts or other nuts (in lunches or on birthday cakes).


The canteen is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Lunch orders can be made in the classroom or online via FlexiSchools.

School Website:

Our school website is

Please check the website regularly as it contains lots of useful information.  Newsletters are published on a fortnightly basis and are on the website.  You can subscribe to the newsletter and have it emailed to you by completing the subscription form on the website’s front page.

Our  Curriculum:

Pre Primary has become more structured in recent years with the introduction of The Western Australian Curriculum. Every day is busy and you will be amazed to see your child’s progress by the end of the year.

Weekly Picture Books-Home Reading:

Each Monday children will choose a picture book with an activity card from their classroom set. They will bring it home and return it that Friday. Each book has an activity to complete each day with an adult. Parents are asked to sign the book out and back in. In Term 2, nightly home reading books and a high frequency word list will be issued for children to practise reading skills at their own level.


At the end of each term you will receive an assessment portfolio of work samples and at the end of Semester 1 and 2 a formal report of your child’s achievement and progress.


We love to celebrate children’s birthdays at Pre Primary and invite you to bring in something that is easy to share on the day (e.g. individual cupcakes etc). If your child has food allergies or special considerations, you are welcome to supply alternative treats for your child to enjoy on these days.

Money Collection:

When children are required to bring money to school it needs to go straight to the office. Please put money in a sealed envelope clearly labelled with your child’s name, class and what the money is for. Permission slips must be included as well.


Due to the great sentimental value and expense of toys, we have made our Pre Primary class a toy-free zone.

News telling:

Speaking and listening is an important part of the English curriculum. To support our speaking and listening programs, your child will be given a news telling day. On that day they may bring in something of personal significance that they wish to talk about to the class. We will teach them to give specific information about the item [when they got it, who bought/gave it, where it was from/kept, what it is used for and why they like it] Any support and practise you can give them at home prior to their news day would be terrific.  Students should not bring valuable items to school. News telling will commence week 4, Monday the 22nd of February and the topic is student choice for Term 1.

School Uniform:

Children are expected to wear the Atwell Primary School uniform each day and on Fridays they can wear their coloured faction shirt. There is a NO HAT NO PLAY policy throughout the school so please ensure that your child brings their school hat EVERY DAY. Please refer to your Parent Handbook for further information on school uniform. Please note: for safety reasons no thongs.

Change of clothes:

A change of clothes and underwear is essential for the occasional accident and should be kept in your child’s bag. Please ensure that this clothing remains seasonal and please label all clothing clearly.

Classroom Donations:

We will be putting up a donation request list shortly to assist with the supply of consumable materials for classroom activities. Please sign up for one or two items. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Collecting Children:

Children should be dropped off and collected from Pre Primary by an adult. If you need to make alternative arrangements please provide written permission to your child’s classroom teacher advising who will be collecting your child e.g. bring a note or sign the collection book in our room.

Early Intervention:

Early intervention is the key to children being successful learners. At Atwell we have access to speech pathologists, occupational therapists and a school psychologist for student referral. Any referrals will take place in consultation with parents and in complete confidentiality. If your child is required to work on an adjusted program the classroom teacher will organise a meeting to discuss this with you.

Meeting times:

If you would like to discuss your child’s individual needs, please make an appointment to see the class teacher after school any day except Mondays. This way, we can discuss any issues with you in a confidential and uninterrupted setting.

Library Day:

All students will visit the library once a week. Children will borrow a library book to keep in a classroom set. We will enjoy these at school during the week leaving families to enjoy the ‘weekly picture books’ and question sheet. Students will bring their library book home in Term 4.

Assembly Roster:

Each Pre Primary class performs one assembly item over the course of the year. We also attend a small number of whole school assemblies. Dates will be listed on the term planner sent out each term, and reminders will also be displayed on our class noticeboard. Assemblies take place on Tuesdays at 8.50am.

Absentee Notes:

If your child is absent from school, please bring a note explaining their absence on the following school day. If your child is to be picked up early from school, please sign an early release form from the front office before collecting your child from class. Likewise, if your child comes late, a late form needs to be signed in the front office before bringing your child to class.

Before and After School Play:

Children and siblings are not permitted on the outside equipment or in the sandpit areas before and after school. We ask that children sit on the benches outside their room before the doors open.

Laundry roster:

Our class laundry will be sent home on Fridays. Thanks mums and dads in advance!

Contact Details:

It is very important that you keep your contact details up to date in the office and in the classroom. The Atwell Primary Medical Forms have been sent home to follow up on recent updates. Please ensure that these are returned as soon as possible to us or the front office so changes can be made.  If medication is required please hand it to the classroom teacher.  All medication requires an Administration of Medication form which must be completed at the school office.

We thank you for your support and look forward to working in partnership with you to ensure your child has a fantastic year in Pre Primary!

The 2017 Atwell Pre-Primary Team