Year 1 Classroom Expectations and Routines for 2018

In our class we encourage and expect

*      Positive and respectful behaviour

*      Children to achieve at their highest potential

*      High standards of neatness and presentation

*      Learning through collaboration, involvement, enjoyment and achievement

*      Co-operation with students and adults in class and with the wider school community

The Learning Program

The children will learn across all areas of the curriculum this year, with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. The learning program is planned collaboratively by the Year One teachers to ensure consistency across the classes. While there may be differences in the way the program is delivered, all classes will address the same outcomes throughout the year.

The Year One students will attend specialist classes each week. This will include Art, Physical Education and Music.

Behaviour Management

Our class rules are always on display and have been developed with the students so they are aware of what is expected of them while at school. The school behaviour management policy is supported in our class through the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support system. Positive behaviour is expected, encouraged and recognised to provide a model for others. Consequences are however, put into place for extreme negative behaviours.


Reading each night is expected for all students and should not be seen as homework, instead a chance to enjoy reading at home. Home reading can be books from school, library or home to suit your child’s interests. Year 1 weekly homework includes home readers, sight word practise and an adult/child shared reading experience. Depending on your child’s needs other programs may be set in place which may involve support at home.


At least 15 minutes of oral reading to develop your child’s reading fluency, comprehension skills and vocabulary. It is essential that your child reads at their recommended level as reading is a vital life skill. To support your child further we recommend that you ask questions related to the text before, during and after reading. Please remember that the reading books your child brings home for home reading are supposed to promote reading confidence and therefore they should be able to independently read them fluently with 98% accuracy.

Sight Word/Phonic Sounds Practise

The aim of these word lists is for you child to build a bank of high frequency words that they are able to recognise automatically, to help with their reading fluency. Your child needs to practise these words every night and when they are able to read all of the words with instant recall bring them back to school and place their folder into the box to be tested by the teacher. When successful your child will receive a new list.

Reading Comprehension Books (Adult/Child Reading Experience)

These books are aimed at developing your child’s reading comprehension and love of reading through a shared reading experience with you. The expectation is that your child will take a different book each week and with your guidance follow the activities on the card that accompanies the book. Please remember that these books are for YOU to read to your child, they are NOT expected to read them to you.  Students will be able to return and borrow these books on their library day.

Take Home Folders

This year your child will have a ‘take home folder’ which they will take home every night and return to school every morning. The take home folder is where your child will keep their homework. Take home folders will also be used to transport any important notes home. Please make sure that you check your child’s take home folder every night and ensure they bring it to school every day as it is important for communication.


We will begin our oral language program in Week 4 with news telling. A note regarding the news topics will be handed out by the end of Week 3. Your child will be allocated a news day where they can share something with the class once a fortnight. Your child can bring in something from home to present to their classmates, examples of suitable items include books, photos, postcards, trophies and certificates. Please make sure you practise news telling with your child before their news day to help them feel prepared to speak. It is expected that within their news they will address ‘The Five W’s’, when, where, who, what and why. Our focus will be on clear speech which is succinct, including relevant information in a logical order. It is especially important that you encourage your child to speak in complete sentences, not just key words.

Morning Routines

The classroom doors will open at 8-30am to allow the children to get organised for the day before the siren sounds at 8-45am. It is vital that the children are at school no later than 8-40am to allow them the time to get organised. Once children enter the classroom, it is our policy that they stay in the room. Please ensure that the children complete their morning jobs independently. The fostering of independence is a vital component in the promotion of organisation skills, positive self-esteem and pride in the learning environment.


Please support your child’s literacy, reading and research skills by encouraging them to borrow library books each week and to return them on the correct day. It is important that your child has a library bag to ensure they can carry their books and look after them correctly. Your child is able to borrow 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction book from the library each library session. Students are able to change their library books again before their library day however, this is to be done before or after school.


Any absences from school must be covered with a signed, dated note once your child returns. When collecting children during school hours, you must first visit the office and sign your child out. This slip must be given to the class teacher.


If your child requires any medication during the school day, please discuss their needs with the staff in the front office as medical authority may be necessary. For children with asthma they can keep their medication in their school bag.

Money Collection

Any monetary payments for excursions etc. are now made through the office. Eftpos is available, or there is a drop box outside the school office (billabong side). Please ensure permission slips and money are in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and LA number.

Crunch and Sip

To ensure the children remain hydrated and focused we give them a break to have a drink of water and a raw snack such as fruit or vegetables. Please ensure your child’s crunch and sip is cut up if they have trouble eating it whole.

Water Bottles

The children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day and are expected to have their water bottles in class with them.  Please ensure this is the case for your child as it is inconvenient for the children to leave the class to regularly get drinks from the outside taps.


If it is your child’s birthday and you wish to share cakes with the class please make sure they are already cut up or in individual servings as we do not have the facilities for doing this in class.  Please also ensure there are no nuts or nut products in anything you send to school.


As Atwell Primary school is conscious of the environment, the newsletter is available on the school website for you to access. If you are unable to access it via the website you can request a hard copy from the office. Please visit the website to keep up to date with Atwell’s events throughout the year, there is the option to subscribe to the newsletter on the Home Page.

URL Address:



Lunch orders need to be ordered online or placed in the box in the classroom before 8-45am. The canteen is open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  We encourage students to only have slushies at lunchtime as there is not enough time to finish them at recess.


Students are expected to wear the Atwell school uniform at all times. On Fridays the students are encouraged to wear their faction shirts and hats.

The uniform shop is located at the Nell Gray Superstore  at 3A/9 Yampi, Willetton.  The number is (08) 9270 4669 and they are open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (Thursdays until 6pm) and Saturday 9am – 1pm.

Parent/Teacher Meetings

If your child requires extra support with the learning program, the class teacher will organise a time with you to meet and discuss their needs and outline how you can support their learning at home. If you have any questions or concerns specific to your child please do not hesitate to make an appointment with the classroom teacher.

We are looking forward to a great year with you and your child.  We hope this information is useful, as it is a basic outline for the rest of the year.

Kind Regards,

The Year One Team