display_imageThe Adventures of English

Our friendly group are thoroughly enjoying learning about the English language. There have been several ‘Aha!’ moments and much lively discussion over words and their origin. Family history, meanings of names and stories about naming have been met with surprise, wonder and awe. We love language.

Genius Hour

Our fantastic year 5’s and 6’s are really enjoying their time learning a wide range of problem-solving skills be it hands on, high order thinking or group work. Through group activities the students have shown fantastic communication and leadership skills. There has been plenty of adventures discovering how fun problem solving is really is.


Welcome to ACZE Minecraft class 2019. The focus of this course is to have students understand, demonstrate and explain the process of science inquiry via project-based learning. Students came together to create a meaningful and practical product each week that relates to the real world. Some examples of our activities include maze challenge, roller coaster drop and coding agent. We look forward to our next challenge.

All students are engaged, enthusiastic and very motivated. Their respective Primary Schools should be very proud of the way their students have represented them. ACZE programs are open to year 5’s and 6’s. More information will be sent out at the end of week 7 with details for term 2 courses, however any parents wanting to know more about the ACZE program, please contact Ingrid Vidot-Emery on Ingrid.vidot@education.wa.edu.au.