On Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th November 2018, the Year 2 students visited the Kalamunda History Village as part of the extensive educational history program.

We took a trip back 100 years and were provided with a unique taste of what life was like a century ago.

davKalamunda State School House (1905-1970).  Students were fascinated to see how a classroom was set up in the last century and they sat at one of the old wooden desks.






davToys of the time included billy carts, a very old Monopoly set, wooden toys and a giant Georgian doll’s house, decked out with furniture and dolls. A favourite with our students.

McCullagh Cottage (1895) is a tiny settler’s cottage that we were able to walk through.  It was home to three generations of the McCullagh family who were early settlers in the area.




We were treated to a demonstration of an 80 year old fruit grading machine in the Orchard Shed.  Students loved piling in fruit they had brought which was taken up the conveyer belt, cleand and then sorted into size.







Students were involved in activities such as washing the dishes by hand, using an old fashioned iron, washing clothes with an old-fashioned wringer/washer and using stencils.  They also enjoyed the Blacksmith and dairy displays and even got to sit in a big red truck.