DSC08359On Wednesday August 2nd, the Year Five students had the pleasure of attending and engaging in a music incursion.  It was presented by Jenny Guant of “The Littlest Fox” and Phil Gray of the “Loaded Dog” groups. This performance covered Western Australian history and incorporated folk songs about famous (and less well-known) Western Australians; Grace Bussell, Moondyne Joe and Fanny Balbuk, as well as tales of the difficulties first settlers found in their new home.  Some of the folk instruments that were used to accompany these songs included acoustic guitar, banjo, cello, traditional ukulele, harmonica, stomp peddle and fiddle. Each song included a catchy chorus that the students sang along to.  This interactive performance also incorporated bush dance.  Selected students were taught and performed this dance, while keeping in time to the live music being played.  It was interesting for the students to learn that when Australian settlers first came, they didn’t have TV’s, stereos or phones!  They spent their free time in the community hall meeting and getting to know each other through dancing.  This was a wonderful opportunity presented to our Year Five students, stimulating their music learning and enriching their audience participation skills.