Congratulations Atwell Primary School students, teachers and parents for the following results:

At the end of Term 1 and beginning of Term 2, all students in Years 2 to 6 participated in the Italian Festival 2016 organised by the Italo-Australian Welfare and Cultural Centre Inc. along with many other schools in WA (specifically private schools). This year’s theme was “L’anno Internazionale dei legumi: semi nutrienti per un futuro sostenibile” (The International Year of Pulses: nutritious seeds for a sustainable future).

Congratulations to Daniela Kuzet who was the overall winner of her respective year group level in Year 6.  I also wish to congratulate Shahdi Harris (Year 5), and Kylie Simons and Alizae Jeans (Year 6) for Merit Certificates as a result for submitting entries which reflected a very high standard of achievement and great personal effort.  Eccellente!

Secondly, a job well done to all 202 students from Years 3 to 6 who participated in the Language Perfect World Championships and ‘grazie mille’ to all parents and teachers who were so supportive.  As a combined effort, out of 102 schools competing in Italian in WA, we came in 3rd place.  This year’s competition coincided with the Year 6 camp so I am sure we will definitely be able to manage at least 2nd place next year!

The following two charts are a snapshot of our results.

Grazie, Signora Van Der Merwe

Language Perfect


Language Board