Atwell Primary School Staff would like to congratulate all of the Pre-Primary to Year 6 students for their efforts at the Junior and Senior Faction Athletics Carnivals. The Year 3 to Year 6 students competed over two days in a range of individual and team events that showed off not only their athletic talents, but their sportsmanship and integrity. Elliott won the championship over second placed McKenzie and Lillee won the Spirit Shield for their excellent sportsmanship. The Junior Carnival allowed our Pre-Primary to Year 2 students to experience friendly competition in sprints and several different team games. The junior students were fantastic in their efforts, with the Junior Primary Shield being awarded to the Year 1 cohort for their fantastic efforts. Congratulations to all of our competitors and enjoy a well-earned rest over the holidays.

Bryden Smith and Joe McCarthy

Physical Education Department

Year 3 boys

r/up Xavier Shorten

champ Elijah Afoa


Year 3 girls

r/up Ava Purnell

champ Mia Bernate


Year 4 boys

r/up Daniel Fraser

champ Ethan Canaleja


Year 4 girls

r/up Georgia Black

champ Alex Vanzon

Year 5 boys

r/up Austin Collins

champ Daniel Dawson


Year 5 girls

r/up Nadia Shorten

champ Acacia Redman


Year 6 boys

r/up Jaxon Caporn-Ruhl

champ Karl Fowler


Year 6 girls

r/up Holly Bloomer

champ Eliana Brown