DSC00518In History this term the Year Ones have been learning about the past. We have been investigating how chores, technology, transport, communication, families and school have changed over time. We have been exploring the past and posing questions about what life was like in the olden days. In class we have brought in precious artefacts from our families and made a class museum. Our teachers have been so impressed with how we can describe our objects, explain what they were used for and how they have changed or are used today. On Wednesday when we came to school we noticed that our teachers looked a little bit different. When we walked into class we had to line up in girls and boys. The teachers even checked our nails and teeth before we came inside! Our desks were set up in rows and we realised that we had gone back in time to school in the 1950’s. All the classes went over to the undercover area and Mr McCarthy talked to us about what life was like when he was at school as a little boy. He bought in so many interesting things for us to look at such as a milk bottle, his school reports, some photos, an ink and quill set, a strap and a cane! Mr McCarthy amazed us with stories about his time in school, what his teachers were like and even told us that he got the cane once! We are so thankful to Mr McCarthy for doing this for us. Throughout the rest of the day we experienced a little bit of what school would have been like in the 1950’s. We sat at our desks for learning time, used chalk boards, had no technology and thought it was so funny when our teachers were being so strict. We also got to explore some of the toys and activities from the past such as making Mr Potato Heads (out of real potatoes) playing quoits, using the marble run, playing with the wooden train sets, hopscotch and elastics. These were so much fun! At the end of the day our teachers asked us what we thought of school in the past, we really liked our day but most of us decided we are happy to go back to 2019 tomorrow.