IMG_4538In Biological Sciences this term the Year Ones have been exploring living and non-living things. We have become experts on animal features, adaptations and habitats. To celebrate and consolidate our learning we put on our investigator hats and went to Perth Zoo.

Throughout the day we all attended an interactive show where we got to meet a strange animal called ‘Pirdy’. Pirdy had scales, feathers and fur! We had to use our science understanding and after some careful sleuthing we discovered that Pirdy was a new category of animal called a Repirdammal (reptile, bird and mammal). How exciting! In our show we also continued to learn about the importance of looking after animals and their environments, some of us even got to touch a Bearded Dragon!

Our little legs did not stop us from exploring the whole Zoo - the adults couldn’t keep up! We loved sharing everything we had learnt throughout the term. Some of the highlights were seeing the lions, elephants, Sun Bears, otters and penguins. We were so brave, we even went through the Nocturnal House.

What a great day we had. Thank you to all the parent helpers for coming with us on our excursion… we hope you had some big sleeps over the weekend.