Robotics Activity in Year 2


Students in Year 2 – LA 8 have recently been working with the Dash robots, programming them to “bowl” a ball and knock down bowling pins.  Students used the Blockly app to code the robots and rulers to calculate the distance the robots had to travel towards the pins without going over the line.  They worked in pairs to problem solve and investigated how the speed and direction of the robots and placement of the bowling ball affected their results.  LA 8 really enjoyed the challenge of the activity and loved engaging with the robots.



Mother’s Day at Kindy

IMG_0348On Tuesday the 8th and Friday the 11th of May, the Kindergarten classes hosted a Mother’s Day Morning Tea event. The morning began with a very cute performance from the children, followed by a range of activities for the mums, grandmas, aunties and family to enjoy. These included threading necklaces, making paper flowers and reading stories together. They were also treated to some delicious, heart-shaped biscuits that the children had made. It was a beautiful morning outside in the sunshine.

Thank you to everyone that attended.


Pre-Primary Kelmscott Farm

During Week 9 all of our Pre-primary classes attended our much anticipated excursion to Kelmscott Senior High School Farm. We travelled by bus to Kelmscott Farm, where we met Farmer Ken. We had a fabulous time exploring the farm. We gave a cow a gentle pat and felt her warm body. We watched Farmer Sue milk her too, using a milking machine. We talked about all the food that comes from milk, such as yoghurt, cheese, butter and ice cream! Then Farmer Sue showed us some eggs where the baby chicks were still growing. She shone a special light to show us the baby inside. We collected chicken eggs and fed the chickens cluck, cluck, cluck! We cuddled fluffy rabbits and baby chicks on a blanket on our laps. We also saw a turkey with an amazing plume. Farmer Ken took us on a walk around the farm and we saw cows, sheep, goats that were very hungry, alpacas and horses. Then we helped farmer Ken collect lemons. We had such a great day! Thank you to all of our parent helpers.

Kindy Harmony Day

In Week 8, the Kindergarten children participated in Harmony Week celebrations.   The children dressed in orange or traditional clothes to mark the occasion. Parents and families also supplied an assortment of delicious, cultural foods to share during our picnic lunch.  In the classrooms, children learnt about Western Australia’s rich and diverse, cultural heritage with the theme of, Everyone Belongs. A fabulous day was had by all.



Harmony Day in Pre Primary

On March 21st Pre Primary celebrated Harmony Day. We got together and shared our ideas of how we are all the same but different and how we are all different but the same.

We then hung our orange Harmony Day hands to show we are all kind friends to everyone!

Aviation Incursion Year 6

On Wednesday 7 March, Year 6 students learned about the Aviation program being offered by Melville Senior High School. The presentation included an exciting preview video of what it is like to be an aviation student. We were then able to ask questions about being a pilot or working in the aviation industry.