Super Hero Day in Pre-Primary

Pre primary celebrated a super year of learning with a SUPER HERO Day.

Here is a photo of the super heroes enjoying fruit time.

Super Hero Day

Pirate Day in Kindy

Ahoy! In Week 6, Atwell Kindergarten hosted their annual Pirate Day event.  The children and teachers had an exciting day dressing up as pirates and attending a multitude of fun indoor and outdoor activities. These included making treasure maps, cooking rock cakes, doing  pirate puzzles, canon ball throwing and sand play, to name a few. The pirates banded together under the Atwell Tree for a hearty lunch before going on a hunt to find buried treasure and then finally, sharing the booty among the crew at the end of a very busy day. It was a great event, enjoyed by all.

Kindy Fun Sports Carnival

On Wednesday in Week 2 the annual Atwell Kindy Fun Sports Carnival proved once again to be a popular event.  The day began with the children marching out in teams to be greeted enthusiastically by the spectator families.  The Kindy children participated in The Bear Hunt Obstacle Course, The Humpty Dumpty Egg and Spoon Relay, The Kindy Cup Horse Race and the Gingerbread Man Running Races.  The Kindy parents also got into the spirit of the day by running in the energetic and very competitive Roll Out the Barrel Relays.

Our colourful Deputy, Mr Jones did an excellent job announcing the events and Miss Zappa kept things running smoothly with her very efficient ‘starting’ skills.  Shayne, our school chaplain helped out with tricky situations on the track and the very capable Year 6 Faction Captains found they were able to find their inner Kindy child.  All this coupled with a glorious spring day made it an enjoyable and memorable event for everyone.


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