Children Sing Festival 2018

On the 12th of June the school choir was involved in the Sing Festival at the Octagon Theatre at the University of Western Australia. Rayden Mac Donald  introduced  our Atwell  Choir with great  aplomb. We sang two contrasting songs  Pass it Along! By Linda Steen Spevacek  and  I am the Earth by Glyn Lehmann.

The choir was adjudicated by Mary-Anne Goyder and we were given some very positive comments. There were a number of other schools that performed  and this enabled our students to  see and hear a variety of choral styles.

Photos will be available through using the following information.

Password: sgf18

Due to copyright restrictions we were not allowed to video or photograph any of the performance, however I just managed to capture our gorgeous kids while sitting in the seats.

Jackie Ewers
Music Specialist



Book Fair Results

We held our first Scholastic Book Fair for the year in Week 5 and it was yet another amazing success, with incredible support from our school community.  Thanks to your generosity, sales reached over $6300 resulting in “commission” of around $2000 worth of books and resources for the school.  We would like to thank the staff who volunteered to help out at the fair and contributed to the energetic atmosphere.  It is terrific to see students so excited about buying a new book and we look forward to the welcome addition of new titles on our library bookshelves.

Book Fair Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Book Fair Competition for Kindy to Year 2 students, they each won a book from the Scholastic Book Fair.  The winners are:-

Winner K3Winner K2Kindy - Owen Spedding (Kindy 2 Emus) and
Rachel Kang  (Kindy 3 Koalas)

BookFair Winners May18Pre-Primary - Mckayla Yeh (PP1) and Zander Dedic (PP4)

Year 1 – Jessie Lee Ward (LA 3) and Javien Sim (LA 3)

Year 2 - Alexis Saunders (LA 5) and Seth Norman (LA 7)

Well done to everyone who entered, the colouring in was fantastic!  We will be holding a competition for Years 3 – 6 during our November Book Fair.

Cross Country Faction Carnival

















Robotics Activity in Year 2


Students in Year 2 – LA 8 have recently been working with the Dash robots, programming them to “bowl” a ball and knock down bowling pins.  Students used the Blockly app to code the robots and rulers to calculate the distance the robots had to travel towards the pins without going over the line.  They worked in pairs to problem solve and investigated how the speed and direction of the robots and placement of the bowling ball affected their results.  LA 8 really enjoyed the challenge of the activity and loved engaging with the robots.



Mother’s Day at Kindy

IMG_0348On Tuesday the 8th and Friday the 11th of May, the Kindergarten classes hosted a Mother’s Day Morning Tea event. The morning began with a very cute performance from the children, followed by a range of activities for the mums, grandmas, aunties and family to enjoy. These included threading necklaces, making paper flowers and reading stories together. They were also treated to some delicious, heart-shaped biscuits that the children had made. It was a beautiful morning outside in the sunshine.

Thank you to everyone that attended.


Police Pipe Band Incursion

We had a wonderful performance from fourteen members of  the Police Pipe Band today, they enthralled staff and students with the music of the bagpipes, bass drum and the snare drum. There was a drummer called Sticks that played the snare like you have never heard before. The bagpipes filled the hall with traditional tunes and even had the staff up dancing!

Did you know the traditional reason pipe band members wear brogue shoes with laces up their socks? Because, when they stepped in mud and got stuck and tried to pull their shoes out, the shoes would stay on! The holes in the brogue shoes allow the water to seep out.  It’s pretty wet in Scotland! These are some of the questions children asked the band members. They learnt about the fascinating traditions of the drums and pipes of Scotland.

Thank you so much to the Police Pipe Band.

Jackie Ewers

Music Specialist