Living and Non-living Things in Year One

Our Year One classes have been learning about Living and Non-living things.  On Friday of Week 3 this term, LA 1 students worked in pairs with the iPads.  They went out to the billabong and took photos of three living and three non-living things.  They then created a collage on the iPad to present their findings.  The students worked very well together, listened to instructions and enjoyed the learning experience.

Kindergarten Playground Makeover

DSC06728In the new year, Lindsay, Trevor and Brendan from Maddington Landscape & Garden Supplies were busy designing and re-creating the Kindergarten’s mud kitchen, outdoor stage and Australian habitat play areas, ready for the children’s first day of school.

Thank you to the Maddington Landscape & Garden Supplies team for being so imaginative, professional and easy to work with. The finished results are sensational.

We can’t wait to see these dramatic play areas in use. We know they are going to provide our children with endless hours of fun, chatter and creativity.

The Early Childhood Staff would like to extend their appreciation to the Atwell Primary School’s fantastic P & C for funding this venture. It really looks amazing.

Maddington Landscape & Garden Supplies

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Student Councillors 2018

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as our new Student Coucillors for 2018.  We wish them all the best for the coming year as they move into their leadership roles.

Councillors 2018


Back Row: Charlie Linn, Senomee Guruge, Ryan Northey, Dale Easton

Front Row: Bree Shepherd, Joshua Whale, Taj Zalewski, Jessica Booth

Faction Captains 2018

Congratulations to our 2018 Faction Captains for being selected to take on their leadership roles next year.  We wish them good luck and hope they have a fantastic year.

Faction Captains 2018Back Row: Paige Guy, Jack Toms, Talesha Burns, Renee MorganBrynn Fisher, Scott MarriottBen Brown, Ella Thorne

Front Row: Lucas MeadeRiley ColeDaniel MarriottLincoln Kemp