Pre-Primary Outdoor Classroom Day 2018

IMG_2749Outdoor Classroom Day is a day to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play.

On November 1st Atwell Pre-primary joined in a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play! Outdoor learning improves children’s health, engages them with learning and leads to a greater connection with nature. Play not only teaches critical life skills such as resilience, teamwork and creativity-it is central to children’s enjoyment of childhood.

All of our Pre-primaries joined in mini golf, reading in a tent, water play, bubble blowing, mini-beast hunting, nature collage creating, transient art pictures, observation drawing, racing games and building our own obstacle course.

WOW what a great day we had making new friends and working with a new team! A huge thank you to all the teachers and students for making this a wonderful success.

Pre-Primary Learning in Term 4

Special Days:

  • Healthy Lifestyle Excursion: Monday October 15
  • Outdoor Classroom Day: Thursday November 1
  • Super Hero Celebration Day: Thursday November 22

This term in PP we are focussing on the following:


  • Reading:
  • Continue with whole class reading books and group guided reading books. Decoding tricky words and making meaning of what we have read.
  • Writing:
  • Guided and free writing, letter writing, list making, card writing and labelling pictures and diagrams.
  • Spelling:
  • Our sounds are all alphabet sounds,sh ch th, ss ff zz ll, blends tr dr cr br gr fr, final blends ng nt nk nd and initial blend bl cl fl pl sl


  • Careful counting
  • Addition, subtraction and sharing
  • Place value
  • Number writing and reading number words


  • The representation of familiar places, such as schools, parks and lakes on a pictorial map.
  • The globe as a representation of the Earth on which Australia and other familiar countries can be located


Actions that promote health, safety and wellbeing, such as:

  • Participate in play that promotes engagement with outdoor settings and the natural environment
  • Throwing, catching and kicking a ball from the ground


  • Continue to consolidate algorithms
  • Program – plugged and unplugged activities
  • Internet safety


  • Chemical materials

Father’s Day in Pre-Primary

Fathers day PP 1Father’s Day in Pre-primary

Today in Pre-primary we celebrated our wonderful dads! The students invited their dad’s for a sausage sizzle breakfast and a morning of outdoor games and fun.

The dads were then surprised with Father’s Day artwork, handmade gifts and some funny stories all about their dads.

We wish to thank all of our lovely dads for joining us today and we hope you have a fun and relaxing day on Sunday.


Ryans MeatsThe Pre-primary Team would also like to thank Ryan’s Meats for their great deal on the yummy sausages.

Pre-Primary Kelmscott Farm

During Week 9 all of our Pre-primary classes attended our much anticipated excursion to Kelmscott Senior High School Farm. We travelled by bus to Kelmscott Farm, where we met Farmer Ken. We had a fabulous time exploring the farm. We gave a cow a gentle pat and felt her warm body. We watched Farmer Sue milk her too, using a milking machine. We talked about all the food that comes from milk, such as yoghurt, cheese, butter and ice cream! Then Farmer Sue showed us some eggs where the baby chicks were still growing. She shone a special light to show us the baby inside. We collected chicken eggs and fed the chickens cluck, cluck, cluck! We cuddled fluffy rabbits and baby chicks on a blanket on our laps. We also saw a turkey with an amazing plume. Farmer Ken took us on a walk around the farm and we saw cows, sheep, goats that were very hungry, alpacas and horses. Then we helped farmer Ken collect lemons. We had such a great day! Thank you to all of our parent helpers.

Harmony Day in Pre Primary

On March 21st Pre Primary celebrated Harmony Day. We got together and shared our ideas of how we are all the same but different and how we are all different but the same.

We then hung our orange Harmony Day hands to show we are all kind friends to everyone!

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