Digital Technologies Week – Pre-Primary

In Pre-primary we all enjoyed a fabulous Technologies Day on Tuesday June 25th. During this day all of the students visited the other Pre-primary classrooms to participate in some fun technology focussed activities.

The students:

· Used OSMO Monster to unleash their inner artist and go on a magical journey.

· Programmed a Bee-bot, a very cute floor robot!

· Built a LEGO structure by following instructions given by a partner.

· Used the Camera App on our iPads to scan and read QR Codes.

· Completed an ‘unplugged’ coding activity with a dance mat.

Thanks to everyone for their help in making our inaugural Technologies Day such a hit!

Mother’s Day in Pre-Primary

What a lovely afternoon was had by all when our beautiful Pre-primary Mums joined us for a yummy afternoon tea. There were smiling faces, delicious treats and gifts galore in the Pre-primary classrooms on Thursday afternoon. We were celebrating all the things our wonderful Mums do for us – just in time for Mother’s Day!

ANZAC Day in Pre Primary

image3All of our PP students made a poppy to remember the war that happened a long, long time ago-more that 100 years! We ‘planted’ them in our yard and quietly said a thank you to all the soldiers who helped make Australia great and safe.





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