Outdoor Classroom Day in Pre-Primary

Outdoor Classroom Day in Pre-primary, 2019

Well, what a day was had by all on National ‘Outdoor Classroom Day’ 2019. The sun was shining and students and teachers with their hats on, ready to have a blast!

It was kick-started by the children being grouped with their peers from all of the PP classes. They loved collaborating and engaging with new and old friends!

Students moved around 9 different special activities including yoga, nature collage, mini golf, transient art, bubble blowing, mini-beast hunting, obstacle course building, paper aeroplane making, water play, observational drawing and even more!!

We had such an enjoyable, outdoor classroom day and can’t wait to share our wonderful work and photos with you!


Science Week in Pre Primary

On Thursday 15th August, Pre-primary students participated in many different science experiments in all the PP classes. We had magic milk, lava lamps, dancing rice, skittles and explosions galore! It was so much fun and we loved being a scientist for the day.



100 Days of School in Pre Primary

On Wednesday, July 24th all of the Pre-primaries celebrated our 100th day at school.

We confused our teachers because we dressed as 100 year olds! Wow there was grey hair and walking sticks everywhere.

During the day we had lots of fun stories, games, crafts and building challenges to practice counting to 100.

We can’t wait for our 200th day!

Digital Technologies Week – Pre-Primary

In Pre-primary we all enjoyed a fabulous Technologies Day on Tuesday June 25th. During this day all of the students visited the other Pre-primary classrooms to participate in some fun technology focussed activities.

The students:

· Used OSMO Monster to unleash their inner artist and go on a magical journey.

· Programmed a Bee-bot, a very cute floor robot!

· Built a LEGO structure by following instructions given by a partner.

· Used the Camera App on our iPads to scan and read QR Codes.

· Completed an ‘unplugged’ coding activity with a dance mat.

Thanks to everyone for their help in making our inaugural Technologies Day such a hit!

Mother’s Day in Pre-Primary

What a lovely afternoon was had by all when our beautiful Pre-primary Mums joined us for a yummy afternoon tea. There were smiling faces, delicious treats and gifts galore in the Pre-primary classrooms on Thursday afternoon. We were celebrating all the things our wonderful Mums do for us – just in time for Mother’s Day!

ANZAC Day in Pre Primary

image3All of our PP students made a poppy to remember the war that happened a long, long time ago-more that 100 years! We ‘planted’ them in our yard and quietly said a thank you to all the soldiers who helped make Australia great and safe.