Principal:  Stephen Doherty

Deputy Principal:  Tom Jones

Deputy Principals Student Services: Claire Zappa and Christie Toms

Manager Corporate Services: Robyn Walpole

School Officers: Jo-Anne Skipworth, Bronwyn McNaughton and Julie Thompson



Kindy 1               (Echidnas & Possums)                                         

Teacher              Dawn Woodfin and Melanie Curren

Assistant             Elnora Patton/ Michelle Dunlop

Kindy 2               (Wombats)                                  

Teacher              Rachel Taylor and Colette Dixon

Assistant             Jayne Sharland, Aoife McGuire, Bev Feather

Kindy 2               (Emus)                                  

Teacher              Rachel Taylor and Melanie Petkovich

Assistant             Jayne Sharland, Aoife McGuire, Bev Feather

Kindy 3               (Bilbies)

Teacher              Melissa McNamara

Assistant             Bev Feather



PP1:                      Teachers:          Kaila Ball and Nicole Jury       

Assistants:         Michelle Johnston, Michelle Dunlop

PP2:                      Teachers:          Alyssa Inglis and Sarah Johnston

Assistants:          Sue Glover, Carolyn Jones

PP3:                      Teachers:          Amy Lowther and Melinda Curren

Assistants:          Tenille Wayne, Carolyn Jones

PP4:                      Teachers:          Sue Hole and Julie Macmath

Assistants:          Cindy Lewis, Mandy Henriques, Stephanie Hall



LA 1:      Year 1    Kelly Garton and Belinda Nicholas/ Leanne Payne and Tina Martin

LA 2:      Year 1    Kia Perry

LA 3:      Year 1    Sarah Beauchamp/ Sharon Wham and Jennifer Hiew

LA 4:      Year 1/2  Olivia Van Moorsel

LA 5:      Year 1/2  Krissy Yarran

LA 6:      Year 2    Nat Gibbs 

LA 7:      Year 2    Jeanette Howard and Colette Dixon/ Adeline Armstrong

LA 8:     Year 2    Alison Finch and Amy May

LA 9:      Year 6    Astrid Cooling / Mandy Henriques and Jayne Sharland

LA 10:   Year 6    Courtney Hall / Adeline Armstrong

LA 11:    Year 6    Casey Harman / Adeline Armstrong

LA 12:    Year 6    Seth Lansdown / Adeline Armstrong

LA 15:    Year 5    Rod Morrison 

LA 16:    Year 5    Jessica Power

LA 17:    Year 5    Ashleigh Allpike

LA 18:    Year 4   Jane Koh / Stephanie Hall

LA 19:    Year 4    Colleen Joyce and Monica Spillman / Denise Keast, Jennifer Hiew, Sharon Wham

LA20:    Year 4    Kate Forrester / Nicola Hibberd

LA21:     Year 4    Shannon Siegmann / Sharon Wham, Denise Keast, Leanne Payne

LA23:    Year 3    Peter Fleming / Tina Martin

LA24:    Year 3    Narelle Wakeling and Jamie Bailey / Tina Martin

LA 25:   Year 3     Neroli Stevenson / Sharon Wham, Denise Keast and Leanne Payne



LOTE (Italian):                 Virginie van der Merwe

Physical Education:         Joe McCarthy and Bryden Smith

Music:                              Kathy Stevens

Art:                                   Shaune Hillier and Mariah Bennington

ICT Library:                      Andrew Upfold


Network Support Officer: Jenny Lawrence

Library Officers:                Ann-Marie Parker and Emma Patterson    

School Psychologist:        Sarah Mowe

School Chaplain:              Shayne Weller

Mainstream Education Assistants    Debbie Darcy and Aoife McGuire

Gardener                           Michael Bruce

Head Cleaner                    Roslyn Jones