Parent Information Year 4 2017

We are excited by the year ahead and are looking forward to the opportunity of working with you and your children.  We all believe in a firm but fair school environment in which children are encouraged to participate and progress to the best of their ability. Working as a team and combining our experience, we are able to best meet the needs of each student.

We meet weekly to discuss issues regarding the Year 4 students as well as to plan and prepare our learning programs and assessments. During our meetings, we have prepared Maths, English (Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling), Science, History, Geography and Health programs. These programs continue to be adjusted according to class and individual student needs. We have individual teaching styles but will all be assessing and reporting on the same outcomes. Moderation of assessment will also take place throughout the year.

Daily Routine

We encourage prompt attendance to start the day at 8:30am with morning work. During this time, students will have the opportunity to independently organise, prepare and ‘warm up’ their minds for the day ahead.

Crunch and Sip encourages students to bring a fresh piece of fruit/vegetable in the classroom to eat between recess and lunch. Students are to have water  bottles in classrooms.

Mobile Phones and Valuables

Atwell PS asks students with mobiles or valuables to submit them to their class teacher at the beginning of the day and collect them at the end. We ask that other valuables be kept safely at home as we cannot guarantee their total safety during the day. Please phone the office if you need to contact your child during the day and a message will be passed to the respective teacher.

Homework, Diary & Appointments

Students are encouraged to complete homework daily in line with Atwell Primary policy.  Please refer to the information in your child’s homework book.

If you wish to meet to discuss your child’s learning progress, please write a request in the student diary, see us in person or send an email. If any issues arise in class, we will contact you.


Year 4 students attend Sport, Music, Art and Italian lessons with specialist teachers. Students require appropriate footwear, Atwell hat and a water bottle for Sport. Choir is scheduled on Mondays at 2:40-3:20pm and open to any interested Year 4 student.

Your child should already be aware of their timetable and library borrowing days.  If you are unsure, please see your class teacher. All students are asked to bring a library bag when exchanging their library books. They are encouraged to take one fiction, one non-fiction and one home reading book suited to their reading level.

Scripture will be timetabled soon and begin in week 5.

Behaviour Management

Each Year 4 class has discussed their rights and responsibilities and agreed on a set of class rules.  We believe in praise and positive reinforcement of behaviour and classes will each have incentives and rewards to encourage effort and to celebrate excellence.

Consequences for rule infringement and misbehaviour have been explained to all students and follow the Atwell Primary Behaviour Management Policy, 1, 2, 3 Magic:

            1. Low Key Responses                2. Recorded Warning                3. Isolation in class

            4. Isolation in another class     5. Visit to Deputy Principal

If a student reaches Step 3 or above they will be required to fill in a ‘Think Sheet’. A letter will be sent home if a student reaches Step 5; this will outline their behaviour and the subsequent consequence.  We ask your support in returning the form to acknowledge that you have been made aware of the situation.  Atwell PS encourages its students to show exemplary behaviour at all times in the classroom and around the school.


Bullying and Cyber Bullying

Atwell PS has a policy of No Put Downs and will not tolerate bullying in any form.  If your child is repeatedly and deliberately involved in bullying behaviours please make your child’s class teacher aware so it can be addressed.

Students have also been made aware of the definition of bullying and the importance of telling the class teacher if they are being repeatedly and deliberately bullied. Latest statistics show that cyber-bullying is prevalent among Year 4 children. Cyber safety lessons are embedded in our Health program. Please be vigilant in your child’s use of technology to prevent instances of cyber bullying.


Notes for absences need to be written on paper for collection.  If taking your child early, please obtain a release slip from the office before collection. For late arrival, students can be signed in at the office.

Please keep the school office updated on medical and contact information.

Events in Year 4

PEAC testing occurs across the cohort usually during Term 2. There are two tests to be completed and results are emailed to the school mid Term 4. Students who have achieved the 99th percentile in either test will receive a letter home for optional PEAC classes during Year 5.

Useful Apps and Websites

A website we set up to provide links and activities to support our learning programs.

Mathletics app                         or

Mathletics is an integral part of the Maths program. The activities are fun, educational and easily tailored to suit your child’s needs. Your child can access Mathletics 24/7 from any computer/iPad with Internet access.

Maths activities

Uses the Singapore Maths strategy to show how a worded problem can be represented.

Check out the Parent workshops found in School Information; Parent Information.

Thank you for your time and assistance. We all look forward to working together with you and your children to achieve the best outcomes for all this year.

The Year 4 Team