Year 5 Parent Information 2018

Jane Koh – Teacher LA 15

Rod Morrison – Teacher LA 18

Courtney Hall – Teacher LA 19

Casey Harman – Teacher LA 20


Communication between parents or carers and teachers is important to ensure your child reaches their full potential. A diary/homework book has been provided for every student in Year 5 and will be used for communication and home reading. We encourage you to use the diary as a communication tool with the class teacher; alternatively you can email or make an appointment to meet in person.

Planning, Teaching and Assessment

We collaboratively plan integrated learning programs to enable students to achieve appropriate outcomes at their developmental levels. We meet weekly for at least an hour to discuss our planning and assessment. Some activities will be the same across classes however; some tasks may differ according to the needs and interests of students in a particular class and the strengths and preferred approaches of individual teachers. You can be assured that all students are working toward the same outcome achievement of the West Australian Curriculum. We also work together to design common assessment tasks to enable comparative evaluation of student achievement.

Students will be participating in Italian, Physical Education, Art and Music throughout 2018 for their allocated DOTT sessions.


The National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy is the measure through which governments, education authorities and schools can determine whether or not young Australians are meeting important educational outcomes. All Australian school students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will undertake these tests in May this year.

Our programs have been adjusted to meet the requirements suggested in the NAPLAN planner. Should you wish to do any additional work at home with your child in this area, the link below provides sample assessments and Mathletics also have practice tests. Books are also available from book stores and Big W that include NAPLAN style tests. We suggest you revise how to answer different types of questions and go through the layouts of these assessments with your child to assist them.

The Dates for NAPLAN in 2018 are:

Session Tuesday 15th May Wednesday 16th May Thursday 17th May Friday 18th May
First Language Conventions Reading Numeracy Catch-up
Second Writing      


Home study is an important habit to develop and students need to be encouraged to find an appropriate place to complete their homework which will assist in consolidating their learning. The homework sheet that is in the students’ homework book has recommendations for each area. Times tables should also be practised regularly to allow for a quick recall when completing maths sums. If your child is busy after school on a particular night just try and read. In addition to the homework tasks, students are also expected to borrow a fiction, non-fiction and levelled reader from the library each week.

Work Standards

A high standard of work is expected to be completed by students. We ask that you also encourage this when completing homework. In maths it is particularly important to be neat so that the place value of numbers are correct. Students are encouraged to join letters as this improves their writing speed in preparation for note taking in high school.

Behaviour Management

Each class has incentives in place to encourage effort and celebrate excellence. These will differ from class to class. We believe in positive reinforcement and aim for each student to achieve their full potential. We set high standards and expectations of all students. Consequences for rule infringement and misbehaviour have been explained to all students and include:

1. Warning

2. 2nd Warning

3. Isolation in class

4. Sent to buddy class

5. Sent to Deputy Principal. All behaviour referred to the Deputy Principal is recorded on a school based computer system.

Dress Standards

We take pride in our school uniform at Atwell. Faction Friday is the only day students are to wear their faction shirts and faction shorts. All students need an Atwell school bucket hat. Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate footwear each day (preferably joggers) as we do sport, PE and class fitness regularly. Jewellery should be kept to a minimum. Please tie all hair below shoulder length back to minimise the spread of head lice. The uniform shop has moved and is now located as part of the Nell Gray Superstore Unit 3A/9 Yampi Way, Willetton. Phone: 1300 640 446. The store is located next to office max.


The school has a bullying policy in place and will not tolerate bullying in any form. It is very important that students are aware what bullying is. It is not a one off incident that has occurred, rather a continuous and deliberate act by another child. At Atwell we continue to assist students in building their resilience throughout our Health Program. It is important that students talk through their issues. Please encourage your child to talk to a teacher if they are concerned an incident has occurred that involves them or other students.

We STRONGLY discourage the use of Facebook, Kick, Snapchat, Instagram and other social networking sites. Students must be a minimum of 13 years of age to be on these. They have contributed to many bullying issues and are often carried over to the playground.

General Information

  • Atwell College Extension Program notes are sent home to selected students. If your child is chosen these are to be returned to Atwell College.
  • The school chaplain (Shayne Weller) is at school for student support on Monday, Thursday and Friday.
  • The school has a school psychologist. Referrals need to go through the Students Services Deputy Principal (Claire Zappa/Christie Toms).
  • The bike and scooter racks are located near the Mort Hall. Students are expected to walk their bikes and scooters on the school grounds.
  • Mobile phones must be turned off as soon as students arrive on school grounds and handed to the classroom teacher to be locked up until school finishes. If you need to contact your child in case of emergency please contact the School Office and a message will be passed along.
  • Please park only in the parent car park and use kiss and drive only to drop off and pick up.
  • Money is sent directly to the office. There is a box outside the office where all money is to be placed.
  • Please inform your child’s teacher of any medical conditions that we have not been notified about.
  • Assemblies are held Tuesdays from 8:45-9:30. All parents are welcome.
  • The School Canteen is open Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. Orders can be placed either at the canteen, in the classroom canteen lunch box or online at
  • Crunch and sip – all classes will be having Crunch and Sip at some point throughout the day. Please send a fresh piece of fruit or vegetable only.
  • NO students should be at school before 8:15am. All students should leave the school grounds immediately after school.
  • Classroom doors open at 8:30 to begin the day.
  • NO students are to be playing on equipment before or after school (even if their parent is present).
  • The Parents and Community Facebook page is Atwell Primary School Parents
  • Newsletters are now on the school website. The website address is:  The option to “Subscribe to our Newsletter” appears on the Home Page, it will then be emailed to you.


We are looking forward to opening the minds of your children this year!