David Lee 2016 LandscapeWelcome to Atwell Primary Independent Public School.

The school opened in January 1998 and since then has seen a rapid rise in enrolments. Over the past few years enrolments have stabilised in the mid 700’s.

At Atwell, we believe that every child has the right to the best possible education, and the educational process is best served when the school, the child, the teacher and the parent/carer work together in a positive way to support learning.

The school aims to provide opportunities for children to develop their intellectual, physical, social, cultural and emotional skills.  We have exciting programs for students and over the next few years will be introducing a number of specialist programs. The Australian Curriculum is currently being implemented and we have a strong and committed teaching staff, with specialist teachers in physical education, music, art and languages.  We are also further developing our Student Services team to enhance our strong commitments to building and supporting a safe learning environment for all our students.

Atwell Primary Independent Public School has modern, attractive facilities that enhance the learning experiences of all students. The billabong provides a captivating area for junior children to play and engage with each other and with nature. Our purpose built art and music rooms ensure learning experiences in the arts are maximised. Our school hall provides a quality venue where the community can take part in, and students can showcase their learning through a variety of events.

To accommodate our enrolments, we have a series of transportable rooms which are currently being used by children in the middle primary classes. We have a new purpose built early childhood building that has enabled us to bring our kindergarten children on site to create a modern, spacious learning environment for all of our 4 and 5 year olds. The use of technology is integrated into learning programs for all year groups and it is our intention over the next few years to be at the cutting edge of technology-assisted learning.  

Parents are welcome to take an active role within the school. We have an enthusiastic School Board who have taken on an enhanced role that has come with becoming an Independent Public School.  Opportunities are also available for parents to be involved in the school through the P&C, special classroom programs, class excursions and a variety of other school activities.

I join the staff in wishing you and your family a happy, rewarding and memorable association with our school.

David Lee