Atwell students are given many opportunities to access a variety of technology throughout the school year.

To co-ordinate the use of technology, we have a digital booking system, Bookit!, which enables teachers to plan and integrate technology into their learning programmes.

Current technology at Atwell Primary includes 130 iPads.  There are 6 ipads in each Kindergarten and Pre-Primary classroom, 10 to assist students with English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D) and Students at Educational Risk (SAER), and the remainder for whole-class or small-group work.  The Year 6 classes have access to 64 Chromebooks with an additional 30 Chromebooks for general use.  There are over 70 Notebook Computers and 30 Microsoft Surfaces also available.

Students have access to the following websites both at school and at home, to engage and reinforce mathematics and language concepts:- Skoolbo, Ziptales and Mathletics.