KidsMatter is a national initiative that aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children. There are seven guiding principles that the framework endeavours to follow: They include:

    1. The best interests of children are paramount
    2. Respectful relationships are foundational
    3. Diversity is respected and valued
    4. Parents and carers are recognised as the most important people in children’s lives
    5. Parents and teachers support children best by working together
    6. Students need to be active participants
    7. Schools, health and community agencies work together with families.


The KidsMatter Initiative provides teachers, parents and caregivers with valuable information that can be used to help support the development of a child’s mental health and wellbeing. We strongly encourage parents and caregivers to have a look on the website, as it has some excellent information sheets on how you can help support your child through their schooling. The information sheets are broken into categories and they include:

    1. Families (Family relationships; Parents and carers and For Dads)
    2. Mental Health (Mental health basics; The need to belong and Should I be concerned?)
    3. Difference(Additional needs and cultural differences)
    4. Behaviour (Being apart; Getting along; Learning; Play; Curiosity and confidence; Making decisions; Anger and Discipline)
    5. Emotions (Children’s emotions; Ups and downs; Fears and worries and Anger)
    6. Friendship (Making friends; Social development and Resolving conflict)