The City of Subiaco held the fifteenth annual Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists.  The award encourages creativity and imagination, giving Western Australian school students an opportunity to present their creations in visual arts.  Atwell Primary School Year 4 student Litia Bulivou achieved thrid place in her Year category.  Her art work will be exhibited in the Subiaco Library until the 6th of August.  Shaun Tan made the following comment on Litia’s work:-


“Artist Secret Hideaway” by Litia Bulivou

What is terrific about this picture is the directness of its subject matter, it is so honestly planted in the world of the artist, it is real.  Too often there’s a strong impulse – and I can really vouch for it – to paint and draw exotic things, or conventional ‘art subjects’.  Portraits of popular people, sublime landscapes, epic journeys, postmodern high-brow pastiche whatnots.  Yet some of my own best paintings have been of domestic objects, the door of my studio, or things I really know, almost boring things.  Oddly, when you draw them, they are elevated out of ordinary life.  Anyway, I love how this painting has more to say about the feeling and reality of childhood than any number of celebrated paintings of children playing by adult artists, which can be beautiful but lacking in what you might call ‘under the bed’ reality.” –

Shaun Tan.

Congratulations Litia on a fantastic achievement.