Music at Atwell Week 8 Term 2

New Choir UniformsThe Music department had a very busy week this week!

Tuesday June 13th during Assembly, the Year 6 flute players; Bethany Banister-Jones, Emma Connolly, Yuxin Weng and Brooke Robshaw played a wonderful harmony part, while Rose Wu from Year 3 accompanied the school in the National Anthem.

In that same assembly the Year 3 Choir performed their first two songs; “Supercalifragilistic expialidocious” and “Snakes and Ladders”.  This was their first performance as a cohort this year and they started strong! Their voice projection was outstanding and they clearly enjoyed the performance rush!! A great job Year 3’s!

On Wednesday June 14th, The Year 4-6 Choir went on an excursion to compete in the Children Sing Festival at UWA.  It was our first excursion this year where we got to wear our new uniforms and we looked AMAZING!  We received so many compliments that the Children Sing Festival asked if they could use our photos for their advertising purposes!

We had the privilege of being asked to be on stage first, which meant we got to show off our performance skills even more and we got to sing the national anthem in front of everyone too! We began with two show-stopping tunes; “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”, from the Lion King and “Furaha!”, which is Swahili meaning Joy!  The audience was blown away with our amazing confidence. It was also our first time practicing and performing with live accompaniment.  We were very lucky to have the wonderfully talented Keisha Klassen as our accompanist.  We received some wonderful comments from the adjudicator such as; “I very much liked the way you watched your conductor, which meant your entries were clear and clean.” AND “I definitely could hear the joy in your voices as you sang this song.”  Paige Thornton introduced the choir in a confident and entertaining manner, she even got a wonderful compliment from the adjudicator too!  The choir captains for this excursion where Ava Maher and Fabian Leituala and they did a fantastic job at helping our choir students represent us so beautifully in the community! Thank you to our wonderful choir for such an enjoyable day.

Finally, on Friday June 16th all the Year 2 students performed in a 40min song and dance extraganza for their parents! They learnt the dance moves and words to 26 songs, each song singing something funny about that letter in the alphabet.  Our audience was very pleased with all the great smiling faces. The Year 2’s did a fantastic job and best of all they enjoyed themselves.

After this busy week, I am sure all of Atwell Primary is feeling the great BUZZ the choir and music students are emanating, following their amazing on-stage performances. There is nothing quite like it!

A wonderful week of Music here at our school!

Miss. Schell

Music Teacher