Social Media – Information for Parents


Technology is an important part of our students  lives both within the school and in the wider community. We need to guide our students in the appropriate use of technology.  As parents you also have a part to play exercising your role in educating your child in the responsible use of technology. Primarily this would include monitoring your child’s use of mobile phones, tablets and computers  and their access to the internet.

Below are just some of the many Social Media Apps around with the minimum age limit. If in doubt, check the particular social medium’s Terms of Service (sometimes called Terms of Use) and their privacy policy. It is usually on their homepage and often on the bottom. Then do an inline search (Ctrl + F) for words such as “years”, “guardian”, “13” ….. to move to information about age restrictions and read the “small print”


Social Media App Minimum Age Limit
Apple ID (Facetime) 13 and over
Bebo 13
Facebook 13
Friendster 16
Hi5 13
Instagram 13 and over
Kik 17
My Space 14
Netlog 14
Orkut 16
PerfSpot 13
Snapchat 13 Not intended for children under the age of 13. Minors, those aged 13-17 should have permission from a parent or legal guardian before using Snapchat. I have seen it noted that “ .. parents or others need to report if a child under 13 is using it”
Twitter. 18 Used to be 13+ but is now for over-18s
Yahoo! 360 18
Zopria 14


To set restrictions (Parental Controls) on Apple products access the following site: