On Wednesday morning, we did technology rotations where we moved around the four year-6 classes. First, we went to LA9 to use the Makey Makey’s. You can do different things with the Makey Makey such as create a potato drum or a Play-Doh gamepad. I enjoyed using play-doh to make a gamepad for Tetris.

Next, we went to LA11 to use the electronic snap kits.  You can use the kits to turn on a light-bulb, turn on a fan or play a sound using blocks that can snap together. I enjoyed working with Mason to build a circuit that makes a speaker play the sound of an ambulance siren.

Afterwards, we went to LA12 to use the Edison Robots. The Edisons worked by scanning a barcode and then doing different things, like following a line or moving when it hears clapping.  My favourite part of it was making the robots do sumo-wrestling. We put them in a square set with black tape and they would try to push each other out.

Finally, we went to LA10 to use the Lego WeDo’s. You use Lego bricks to build a robot or machine with instructions from the iPad. Then, we used the iPad to program the robot. I enjoyed building a rover with light sensors with Ashley.

Written by Patrick, LA 11


This week was Digital Technologies Week at Atwell Primary School. The year 6’s rotated through each class, doing different activities associating with technology. In Mr Lansdowns’s class, we were taught how to code a robot, scanning a barcode with the robot and making the bot do a move.

In Miss Hall’s class, we had to made a lego creation with our minds and let our imagination flow. My team managed to make a windmill that could move!

In Miss Cooling’s class, instead of using the keyboard, we made our own using the makey-makey kit and other resources such as potatoes, gummy worms, play doh and many more materials. We played games that included a joystick and used our potatoes as the joystick!

Last but not least, in Miss Mckey’s class, we learned how to make an actual circuit using a box full of different materials to make a circuit.

Written by Raven, LA9.