Book Parade

What an absolutely amazing Book Parade! Our thanks to all our families, teachers and education assistants for your great ideas and wonderful work preparing the costumes for your children. The school assembly looked sensational! Don’t forget to have a walk around the classes to check out our fantastic Book Week classroom doors. All classes have worked very hard preparing them and they are well worth visiting.

Police Pipe Band Incursion

We had a wonderful performance from fourteen members of  the Police Pipe Band today, they enthralled staff and students with the music of the bagpipes, bass drum and the snare drum. There was a drummer called Sticks that played the snare like you have never heard before. The bagpipes filled the hall with traditional tunes and even had the staff up dancing!

Did you know the traditional reason pipe band members wear brogue shoes with laces up their socks? Because, when they stepped in mud and got stuck and tried to pull their shoes out, the shoes would stay on! The holes in the brogue shoes allow the water to seep out.  It’s pretty wet in Scotland! These are some of the questions children asked the band members. They learnt about the fascinating traditions of the drums and pipes of Scotland.

Thank you so much to the Police Pipe Band.

Jackie Ewers

Music Specialist

Woolworths Earn and Learn Rewards

WoolworthsEarnLearnThank you for the fantastic support we received from parents and the school community last year during the Woolworths Earn and Learn promotion. We have received some amazing resources!  The Large wooden Block set was a huge hit with our Year 1 students and they will be shared around to the rest of the school including our Kindy and Pre-Primary areas.


Student Councillors 2018

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as our new Student Coucillors for 2018.  We wish them all the best for the coming year as they move into their leadership roles.

Councillors 2018


Back Row: Charlie Linn, Senomee Guruge, Ryan Northey, Dale Easton

Front Row: Bree Shepherd, Joshua Whale, Taj Zalewski, Jessica Booth

Faction Captains 2018

Congratulations to our 2018 Faction Captains for being selected to take on their leadership roles next year.  We wish them good luck and hope they have a fantastic year.

Faction Captains 2018Back Row: Paige Guy, Jack Toms, Talesha Burns, Renee MorganBrynn Fisher, Scott MarriottBen Brown, Ella Thorne

Front Row: Lucas MeadeRiley ColeDaniel MarriottLincoln Kemp